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Finding Our Roots

This site is all about our family history, or should that be genealogy?

I’m not sure that there is actually a difference.  Many people use the terms interchangeably, however the Society of Genealogists reckon that there is a difference. They say that Genealogy is the establishment of a Pedigree by extracting evidence, from valid sources, of how one generation is connected to the next. (In essence, this means the discipline of the construction of a valid family tree).  Family History is a biographical study of a genealogically proven family and of the community and country in which they lived. (In essence, this means the writing of a biography of a series of related ancestors of common genealogy. Family History incorporates Genealogy).


In putting this site together I have tried to take names and dates and then, wherever possible, adding meat to the bones to produce a family history. Of course, it is not just one family but six, all contributing to who we are today. Links to the various families can be found in the panel on the left.

Of course, a work like this is never finished. One is always seeking to find out further information or to go back one more generation. If you, dear reader, have any knowledge or relationship with any of the families and feel you can help us further in our search, please contact us.

These photographs are some of the oldest we have of our deceased relatives.

Andrew McConville

Andrew McConville

Of Newry

Our Predecessors The McConville’s Family History

McConvilles of Newry

McConvilles of Altrincham Part 1

McConvilles of Altrincham Part 2

McConvilles of Altrincham Part 3

Percivals of Altrincham

Arderns of Altrincham

Hollingworths of Hale

Roberts and  Williams’s

 of Anglesey

Walkers of Winsford